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Human Services Workers Support Forum

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This community is a place for human services/direct care workers to vent their frustrations about this extremely emotional profession. Membership is granted on a case-by-case basis; PLEASE do not apply for membership if you do not work in the profession.


--When you first join, please post a short intro about yourself, where you work, what you do, etc. Introduce yourself! We are a very friendly and helpful bunch.
--Given that we're all in helping professions, might not hurt for people to note if they're looking for advice, need some sympathy, or just need to blow off steam. Or all the above. =)
--Please do not flame someone for their personal opinions. Everyone has job frustration, including social service workers. Frustration with the work does not equal disrespect for the people we work with.
--Feel free to share links, information, advice, and anything else you think we'd find interesting!
--Let's try to keep any highly sensitive posts friends only.

And the most important rule of them all...

--PLEASE do not use a client’s (or co-worker's, for that matter) real name in a post. The internet is far from private, and it’s unfair to post personal information about someone on the internet without their permission. Use fake names, or stick to generalities.

And one last piece of advice:

--It's good to post about the good stuff. The job can be frustrating, but please, try to post about the positive things, too!