Ea Quae Legit (eaquaelegit) wrote in direct_care,
Ea Quae Legit

Beyond the norm of "weird"

Okay, so a bit of a different thing here.

A lot of weird things can and do happen, almost anything, at work. We know this. People freak out, weird medical issues can and do come up, whatever can go wrong really WILL go wrong. But this was so beyond the pale, so bizzare.

Tonight a man parked himself in front of House 4 (not my house). He apparently decided it would be a good place to live, and just sat down on the patio and refused to move. Just a guy off the street (the manager in charge said he looked like he might be living on the streets). Eventually she had to call the cops to remove him.

Now, an institution of disabled and psychotic clients wouldn't be my first choice of a place to live. For one thing, the decor is quite medical. And even if I figured it might be a good place, a house with residents who have major psychotic issues would be my LAST pick.

Geez, some people.
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