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And there's more...

What a wonderful weekend.

In addition to being relief house staff, I'm also the centre's lifeguard. They have a tiny, ancient pool that the folks can swim around in. There's just one guard, me. And they were desperate to get me.

The pool stinks. It's ancient. The spinal boards are scary and shabby, and have no headrests. There's missing tiles, sharp debris on the bottom. There's a perpetual leak which leaves a puddle on the deck. And what scared me the most, there's a couple missing covers. One is a cover over a jet. the whole thing is missing, and there's a gaping hole in the pool wall, and an exposed pipe. There's also another uncovered pipe, though it doesn't seem to be an intake or outtake jet. Another of the jet covers is in disrepair, with tiles around it missing. I'm very afraid someone is going to get his or her hand stuck in one of the pipes.

In my professional judgment, I deemed the pool unfit to be opened for the past two weeks. I've billed 'em for both shifts, because our collective agreement specifies that if I come in and am not needed through no fault of my own, they have to pay me at least part of the hours. After the first weekend, you'd think someone would call me to say it wasn't fixed, but no. I also have written several memos about things needing to be fixed, demanded they write policies and procedures and compile a list of all the seizure-risk clients and all the levels of support needed. Basically, I've made a pain of myself. But they need it.

They wouldn't do this stuff on their own, but it needs to be addressed, ASAP. These are serious hazards and issues in a facility that can handle NO MORE screw-ups.

I taled with the manager on Wednesday again about the pipes, and I asked her if someone could even rig up something temporary so I wouldn't worry about someone getting hurt. By the time I'd driven home, someone had called to say my pool shift for the weekend was cancelled. Okay, fair enough, if they can't get it fixed.

But when I come in to work on Saturday, I hear a rumor they've hired some poor 16-year-old kid, someone's niece, as a guard. Since I have to leave in September anyway, this didn't upset me too much. But when I confirmed with the on-call manager that my pool shift was cancelled for Sunday,. she said yes.

I come in Sunday evening, and someone tells me that the pool was open during the afternoon. Apparently they cancelled my shift, hired a new guard, and scheduled HER in. All without telling me what was going on. Some poor kid they can push around and who'll think she can't make waves and push for things. and I don't even know if I'm fired or not. They certainly have no call to fire me for this. I've been a good guard.

I'm angry and the refusal to fix things, the nepotism, the dishonesty, the attempt to pull one over on me. I'm generally displeased. And I pay union dues, so tomorrow the union head gets a call.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Wanna bet they don't fix the exposed pipes?
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Wow. That's scary. I'm glad you're planning to call someone about this, especially since you are experienced in this area and have already reported the safety concern to people who obviously don't have your people's safety in mind! Good luck, I hope something comes of this!