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don't normally do this... but this is a special case.

I work with a lady who has severe mental and physical disabilities. I don't like her much, she is gross and her personality clashes with mine. But I love her, and she's God's child, and she is going to die this week unless there's a miracle.

She recently became very sick, aspirated pnuemonia, vomiting, infections, and most recently a staph variant infection that antibiotics cannot help. She's been sick for weeks, in and out of the hospital - mostly in. She has never been easy to feed, and being so sick it's pretty much impossible. This week the doctors tried to insert a gastronomy tube, and failed. I believe they have even tried some sort of colon tube (how that works I have no idea) and that failed too. From what I learned today, there are no options left for her. Something to do with her particular anatomy that makes a g-tube impossible. I'm no physician, so I can't give proper details. Plus, I've been away all month and just found all this out today.

She is going to starve to death unless something miraculous happens.

Please pray for Debbie, and the staff who work with her. This is very hard for us right now.
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