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So today I was working, and Sam (I think I'll keep calling him that for the sake of continuity) was being... funnier than usual.

He is infamous for his babbling. His endless disconnected questions which have no bearing whatsoever in reality.

Do you make cows? You wouldn't hit a cow down, wouldnja? Whatja do that for? No, Alma did it! Are you Jan? Shame on you! Don't hit me! I want cookies! Cookies! Gimme cookies! Whaja do with a cow? Can I go home with you? Who sleep on my bed? What'sa cow say? Got any cows? You don't make cows, do ya?

And so on and so forth.

Well, today he was doing his usual, sitting in his geri-chair so the staff could have dinner without him stealing their juice or being yelled at about cookies. And he starts up with the questions, and the cows.

Except today he's either channelling Little Old Lady, or he's on Helium. Except we know it's not either. Pitch your voice and octave or two ahead, and ask out loud, "Do you make coooooooooooows?"

Priceless. Reminds me why I love him so.
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