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Co-worker issues

I have a co-worker (whose real name I've revealed to everyone in the community as of yet, through my LJ, but anyways) who I'll call Debbie. Debbie and I do not get along. Debbie first started as relief, doing a few shifts in the house. In fact, I worked with her on her first shift and trained her, which also pisses me off, because apparently I gave her such a good introduction for the house that she went and applied for my old full-time position, which is why I'm out of a job in a week. Here's a re-post of what I posted in my journal last week:

I really don't like Debbie. She is unfriendly, nonresponsive, does not answer questions and never makes eye contact. This is a fifty-something year-old woman, mind you. She doesn't do any work, she doesn't attempt to do anything, and in less than a week, she's going to be all on her own. I wouldn't be suprised if she doesn't make it past her first 3 months.

My boss asked me to take her to the grocery store with me to show her how we do grocery shopping, which pissed me off for several reasons.

1) Who the hell needs to be shown how to shop for groceries?
2) We have new menus and shopping lists that are confusing and complicated. I don't need the extra confusion at the grocery store.
3) Have I mentioned I don't like Debbie? I don't want to spend more time with her than I absolutely have to.
4) I'm not even supposed to be doing the shopping. I'm relief.

So I begrudgingly take her to the grocery store. We go and get two carriages, which was much more of a production than it should have been, because she's off somewhere in space. Then this exchange in the dairy aisle:

Me: (blah blah blah, explaining about what kind of eggs to buy)
Debbie: (staring off into space)
Me: ...are you listening?
Debbie: (giving me a dirty look) Yes, I am listening.

Two minutes later, as I'm explaining about whole vs. skim milk (which should be an easy concept to grasp) ...

Me: So we usually just get 3 whole gallons and 1 skim gallon unless staff ask for diff--
Debbie: (offended) Why did you ask me if I was not listening?
Me: (calmly) ...because you weren't looking at me, and you showed no indication that you were listening to anything I was saying. It was question, not an accusation.


Okay. So, I come in for my shift on Wednesday, and my boss asks to speak to me outside. I knew it had something to do with Debbie.

We go outside. My boss asks me why I didn't show Debbie how to make the grocery list, like she had asked. I explain that the new lists and menus are really confusing, and I told Debbie I was going to do it myself this week and show her how to do it next week. Boss says "fair enough", and wonders out loud why Debbie failed to mention that part. I ask Boss if she heard what happened at the grocery store on Saturday.

Boss: Yeah, I did...she said you yelled at her in front of a crowd of people, and she said "I'm not going to take this anymore", and went out and waited in the van for you to finish.

... ...which, as detailed above, is definately not what happened.

In the days since, I've had several run-ins with Debbie, and have had many discussions with Boss about my observations (Boss and I have a good relationship, and Boss trusts me, so I'm not that worried about her slandering me). This woman is a two-faced backstabber and I want nothing to do with her. Unfortunately, I have a 13 hour shift with her tomorrow, and I've been told to take her grocery shopping with me again. I protested to Boss, and Boss told me I have no other choice. Not only that, but she doesn't do any work, talks on her cellphone for half of her shift and gives other staff dirty looks when we ask her for help. I'm not the only employee to have problems with this woman, but, of course, she acts completely different when Boss is around. Not to mention that she treats the ladies we serve like animals and does not interact with them. (She recently claimed that she didn't know one of the residents spoke. After working 6 shifts at the house. The resident in question is a complete chatterbox.) Upon explaining to her that we sit with the ladies at the dinner table at mealtime, she responded, "Do I have to?" She is unfriendly, interruptive and rude.

This woman infuriates me. I am having violent fantasies about her. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with people like this professionally?
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